Well another day another crash, the free for all bitcoin has entered is seeming to never end. Dark times, and  a purge of the market is beginning.

This is the definition of cryptocurrency, and has happened to bitcoin multiple times before, and the altcoin market once before. This time it’s a bit different. Tether was the crutch that kept the markets pumping throughout the last bull run. Tether will be the reason we will dip down even further. Who is behind Tether? Bitfinex, Brock Pierce, Noble Bank, and the law firm FSS LLP (Freeh Sporkin and Sullivan).  All centralized exchanges are rely on tether, and many are using it for wash trading purposes. Today, we will examine this shitshow, how it began and how all centralized exchanges are tied to it. The house of cards is just beginning to collapse, 2k BTC here we come!

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⏰Time Stamps⏰

00:08 Beer Intro: Schofferhofer Weizen Mix-Frankfurt Germany

01:11 Another Day Another Crypto Crash

01:28 This Crash Is Different, Tether May Be Behind It

02:26 Short History of Tether

02:37 Tether Printing Takes Off In March 2017

02:59 Tether Issuing To Exchanges Is A Complex Web

03:34 A Tiny Piece of How This Complex Web Works

05:24 How The Tether Hustle Works and Why

05:40 Bitcoin Price Correlated With Prints of Tether

06:21 The Tether Rich List: Who Are The Big Players?

07:01 Has Tether Been Audited?

07:10 Tether Fires Auditor Friedman LLP

07:17 Unraveling Who Is Behind Tether

07:46 Save Gox Initiative Put Forward By Brock Pierce

08:11 Freeh, Sporkin, and Sullivan and Ties to Tether

09:19 Brock Pierce Creates Tether in 2014

09:27 Noble Bank Is Tether’s Bank

10:16 Brock Pierce Is Managing Partner At Noble Bank

10:34 Tether Was Used To Push Up The Price of Bitcoin

10:50 Concluding Thoughts…BTC May See 2k USD


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Published on November 26, 2018

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